Less Brightness, More Karma

It's time for the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival! My favourite time of the year! If you are going, make sure you get the official festival app installed. It is available on iOS and Android. It will help you keep track of your schedule, as well as rate films, see what's trending and what's being discussed on Twitter using the #TDF17 hashtag.

But you will also need another app.

Many times, you need to turn on your phone to see the time, especially if you are thinking of going to another screening immediately after the one you're in. Sometimes you are looking for an alternative so you can escape. It's okay. It's a film festival. You're supposed to leave in the middle of the screening and go to a different one instead.

Every time your phone screen is on, a stream of bad karma is emitted in the room along with the light from your screen and you become an annoyance.

That's why you need Night Mode.
Available for Android, Night Mode lets you make the brightness of your device really low. Just fire up the app and hit the start button. Then, use the slider to reduce the brightness to a new all-time low and at the same time get that good karma back in the room.

Such apps don't work on iOS, but you can use the brightness slider in the Control Center to minimize the light emitted from your iOS device.

Enjoy #TDF17!

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/ant1/16617084329/Author: Dimitris Tzouris https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/2.0/


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