Lots of Dropbox links will die on March 15

I recently received this email from Dropbox that reminded me about an upcoming change in their service. It starts like this:

This is a reminder that your Public folder links will become inactive on March 15. On that date, your Public folder will become a standard Dropbox folder, and your files will remain safe in your account. If you want to share those files again, you’ll need to use shared links instead.

Have you ever used your Dropbox Public folder to share and post things on the web?
I have.
I know it’s a lame way to host files on the web, but it was dead easy — plus, the existence of the Public folder helped you get organized and you could instantly know which files are out there, so deleting them was a no-no.
I have personally used my Dropbox Public folder to host PDFs of conference programs and images. There are currently 14 items that I’ve linked somewhere — from blogs and social networking sites to email and IM.
Well, on March 15 these links will be deactivated. The Public folder will stay there, but it will be demoted to a regular folder. It will lose its magic powers.
Therefore, I will have to create new links for each of these 14 items and then go out there and find the posts that contain the old links and update them with the new ones. But, I can’t do that. I just can’t. I’m sorry.


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